Concentrix and Grypp score ECCCSA for Best Innovation in Customer Service

Concentrix VisualCX Platform powered by Grypp, stands out as a new digital technology solution

Concentrix, along with its vendor partner Grypp, is proud to be recognized by the ECCCSA’s (European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards) for their VisualCX solution: Concentrix VisualCX – Powered by Grypp. Concentrix and Grypp won a GOLD for “Best Innovation in Customer Service.” This award demonstrates our tenacity and dedication to continuing to Reimagine Everything CX for the benefit of our clients and their customers.

Concentrix VisualCX – Powered By Grypp is a transformative, non-invasive digital platform tool which allows Advisors to visualize products and services to customers in real, synchronous time while engaged in voice interactions. Phone calls have remained largely unchanged for over 100 years, and have been relied on by contact centres for decades. This technology approach greatly enhances the Advisor – customer interaction, allowing for both parties to be fully sighted, fully connected, and fully engaged during their conversation.

With the creation of this tool, for the first time ever, we are able to collect a vast new set of data from every interaction our Advisors have with their customers. Each time a new digital asset is introduced and interacted with, the touch point is captured for real time analysis to better inform what exactly was done during the call and what led to the outcome received. The ability to generate, store, and analyze the wealth of data emanating from all of the digital interactions has allowed us to gain valuable insights to better guide successful outcomes for our Advisors, customers, and business.