Welcome to the new era of customer experience: Concentrix Experience Platform (XP)

Customers today call less, text more and expect a personalized “human touch”‒ without always speaking to a human.

Conversational digital self-service technology makes everyday interactions fast, easy, and convenient, giving your customers what they need, when and where they want it.

Concentrix Experience Platform (XP) world-class capabilities humanize digital self-service– all integrated and available as a service in the cloud so you can build fast, and scale quickly.

Concentrix Digital Self-Service
Concentrix Virtual Assistant & IVR

Conversational AI – Bots & Virtual Assistants

Consumers want the human touch when they contact a business, but don’t always want to speak to a human. That’s where Concentrix Experience Platform can help.

From text-based messaging bots to advanced conversational Virtual Assistant or IVR, Experience Platform enables you to design the right solution to intelligently act on customer intent in a natural,