Design & deliver the experience your customers deserve

Give your customers the power of IVR and virtual assistants so they can interact with you in a natural, human-like way. Deliver real-time context and personalization across all channels, and protect your customers from internal and external threats.

Leverage our outcome-based delivery model to optimize your business outcomes and minimize your risk. Engage strategically with our team to share risks and rewards as you begin your digital transformation journey.

Concentrix Digital Self-Service
Virtual Assistant
Concentrix Virtual Assistant & IVR

Virtual Assistant & IVR

Voice is still the number one channel for consumers to interact with, but they are no longer willing to navigate complex touch tone menus in an attempt to resolve their issues. Concentrix Intelligent Virtual Assistant Platform allows your customers to say what they need in their own words and complete complex interaction tasks that were never possible with outdated IVR technology.


Omnichannel Solutions

Customers view their interactions with your brand as one conversation, regardless of the channels they use. Messaging and cross-channel context enable consumers to migrate away from chat and utilize messaging channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger to communicate with enterprises. Concentrix Omnichannel Solutions help you deliver real-time context and personalization across all channels.

Fraud & Voice
Concentrix Fraud & Voice Biometrics

Fraud & Voice Biometrics

Companies are increasingly vulnerable to targeted cross-channel attacks by fraudsters, and regulatory non-compliance is becoming more costly. Concentrix Fraud & Voice Biometrics Solutions help you proactively address these challenges, protect your brand, and give your customers the peace of mind they deserve.

Concentrix Outcome-Based Delivery

Outcome-Based Delivery

Digital transformation can be a daunting task—especially when your results don’t live up to your expectations. Concentrix partners with our clients to deliver specific outcomes from deploying our solutions. Our experience with outcome-based projects has given us confidence that together, with the right baseline data, we can deliver tangible improvements to the metrics that matter most to your business.


Business Messaging

Texting has become the “go to” choice for people to stay connected with friends, coworkers, and brands they frequent. Millions of digital messaging conversations occur daily across Apple Business Chat, Facebook, WhatsApp and other channels such as SMS. Concentrix Messaging can help you reduce costs, improve NPS, and stay connected with your customers.