The art and science of customer insights

Our global team of analysts and consultants is comprised of the world’s top talent and state of the art data environments. In each engagement, we think differently about how to find and solve problems. We value insight over information, and actions over recommendations.

We see differently, think differently, and act differently—by design.

Concentrix Customer Experience

Customer Experience Analysis

Evolve your analytics lens to find the hidden stories in customer data. Global delivery, innovative techniques, and proprietary platforms that help you uncover big ideas with big business value.

Speech &
Text Insights
Concentrix Speech & Text Analytics

Speech & Text Insights

Apply advanced techniques to extract insights from recordings, surveys, chats, posts, e-mails, messages, and other unstructured sources. We’re leading the industry in using speech to monitor interactions and automate quality processes. Our analysts access taxonomies, sentiment, and insights in proprietary software.

Concentrix Operational Analysis

Operational Analysis

Rethink how to collect, manage, and analyze customer engagement data. We’ll help determine who, why, and how customers interact with you, then integrate analytics into decision-making for optimized operational execution.

Sales & Revenue
Concentrix Revenue & Sales

Sales & Revenue Generation

Optimize campaign success across web, mobile, and social by leveraging conversion analytics. Our data scientists help you maximize campaign effectiveness with insights into customer preferences and buying patterns, and drive social media actions with dynamic social analytics.

Concentrix Journey Analytics

Journey Analytics

Connect the dots in real time between customer journeys and business goals. Our consultants apply CX perspectives to interpret behaviors and intent, and provide the right mix of smart design, continuous support, and customized roadmaps that empower action and promote transformation.


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Speech & Text Insights

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