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Industry solutions to speed up problem-solving and unlock value

Each industry and business functional group has its own set of specific challenges and goals. Industry and domain analytics solutions offer purpose-built tools designed to address your specific needs, leveraging AI and advanced analytics techniques to extract insights, inform decisions, optimize processes, and drive business growth. Ready for the solutions to meet your distinct needs?

Insights inspiring change for measurable value

Insights inspiring change for measurable value

You need insights that can help you make decisions that not only drive change, but also deliver tangible value to your business. That was the inspiration behind our industry solutions and domain analytics. With our expertise in tackling industry-specific challenges, we use accelerators and frameworks to integrate AI and data architectures seamlessly into your business processes to bring you the value you need.

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Sales & Revenue Analytics

Enhance sales conversions, revenue, and customer satisfaction with hyper-personalization via our AI-powered offering, collecting and evaluating data across channels to boost customer acquisition, spend, upsell/cross-sell, and retention.

Social Media Analytics

Turn vast online data into actionable insights. We help you understand customer behaviors and preferences, build brand equity, improve campaign performance, manage online reputation, and gain a sustainable competitive edge.

Collections Analytics

Turn structured and unstructured data into actionable insights. We assess customer behavior, preferences, and associated risks, building AI/ML solutions to enhance collection performance and optimize customer outreach cost.

Payment Integrity

Ensure correct payments to payees and providers promptly with a technology-driven analytics engine that blends advanced AI and machine learning to enhance accuracy, curb overpayments, and minimize fraud across all claims.

Compliance Analytics

Leverage generative AI and a natural language interface to provide a complete view of contractual opportunities and risks for your organization, enhancing visibility into legal document portfolios, streamlining review and compliance efforts, and facilitating stakeholder access.

Digital Analytics

Gain insights into how customers interact with your digital channels, identify behavioral patterns to guide digital experience improvements, and deliver personalized ecommerce for increased conversions—using web analytics, mobile-app analytics, DTM, GTM, and SEO.
AI and Human Interaction: Applying Behavioral Science to CX Tech

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AI and Human Interaction: Applying Behavioral Science to CX Tech

Discover how behavioral science can transform experiences across AI and human interaction and maximize your AI tech investments.

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