Concentrix Disclaimer
Identifying and Avoiding Recruiting Scams

At Concentrix, we are fanatical about recruiting the world’s best people to join our team.  We take data security and protection very seriously, including your personally identifiable information (“PII”).  PII is information that can be used to identify a specific individual.  State or national identity numbers (e.g., SSN or driver’s license), mailing or email addresses, and phone numbers have most commonly been considered PII, but technology has expanded the scope of PII considerably.  Now PII also may include an IP address, login IDs, social media posts or digital images, among other things.

Below is important information to know about our recruiting process:

  • We will NEVER ask you for money, pre-payment or bank account information of any kind upon application of employment.
  • We will NEVER request your state or national identity number (e.g., Social Security number, Passport number or government-issued identification number) or require your date of birth during the initial application process. While proof of identity and work authorization are required for employment, those particulars will be addressed through official Concentrix channels, not accomplished via chat.
  • We will NEVER conduct an interview via text chat in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, or Google Hangouts.  All chat conversations will be done via Concentrix’s internal chat, which is located on our website at  It is the only chat room used by Company’s inhouse recruiters.  Additionally, we do not post jobs on Freelancer or Guru.

To report activity you believe is fraudulent, please click the button below.

Understanding our recruiting process is essential to protect yourself from online recruiting scams, which are on the rise.  Be aware that scammers may try to deceive you by impersonating Concentrix.

The online recruiting scam usually works this way, with some variation depending on the specific scheme:  The scammer fraudulently uses a company’s name and logo, and perhaps the names of the company’s employees handling recruiting or human resources, to solicit applications from job seekers for fake jobs.  Sometimes the solicitation comes by e-mail but also can be posted on a professional or recruiting website or social media platform.  Like most phishing schemes, the scammer’s e-mail address is similar to, but not the same as, the legitimate company’s e-mail address.

Job seekers responding to the scammer’s solicitation are offered fake job interviews by phone, which are followed up by fake job offers.  As part of “onboarding,” the scammers ask the new “employee” for personal information (e.g., a SSN or bank account information for direct deposit).  In some cases, scammers even ask for money to run background checks, verify certifications or cover alleged “advance costs” of office supplies.  Because many jobs today involve remote or home offices, these types of advance cost requests for supplies or do not appear wholly unreasonable.

We have identified several clues to watch for so you can identify and avoid online recruiting scams:

  • Concentrix will never ask for financial information or payment of money of any kind during the job application process.
    We do not require any financial, credit card, bank account information and/or any payment of any kind in order to be considered for employment.  If you are asked to pay for things like equipment fees, travel fees, or some other deposit or application-processing fee, even if it’s claimed you will be reimbursed, this is not us.  It is a scam.
  • Concentrix does not require PII (e.g., Social Security number, National ID, Government ID or date of birth) as part of the initial application process.  While proof of identity and work authorization are required for employment, those particulars will be addressed through official Concentrix channels, not accomplished via chat.
    However, we may ask for basic contact information such as your email address, phone number or home address to ensure we can contact you.
  • Concentrix uses a limited number of third-party staffing or recruiting firms.
    If you were contacted by a third-party organization claiming to represent or hire on behalf of Concentrix, or if you were contacted in a chat room such as Google Hangouts, Telegram app or WhatsApp, you should refrain from sharing personal information.  Staffing firms with which we do business may source candidates through those venues, but it is better to be cautious and apply for employment by other means such as through the third party’s official website.  It is the only chat room where you will find our company recruiters.

Concentrix urges you to report all recruiting activity you believe is fraudulent.  In doing so, please provide only your name and email address.  We will not request, and you should not provide, any other PII in submitting your report.  In response, we may ask for certain documentation such as a screen shot of the suspicious job posting and, if applicable, emails or chats exchanged with the potential scammer.  Please provide only the documentation we ask you to provide.  Moreover, unless the requested documentation is from a public or open website, be sure to redact or delete any PII from the documentation before you provide it to us.  Concentrix will use your name and email address to contact you should we have questions or require further information to investigate your report or obtain more information to combat fraudulent online recruiting.