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Celonis Webinar: Drive CX Excellence Through Process Mining

Picture this: A deadline to execute a major contract is looming, requiring the approval of several key decision makers. At the last minute…you find out that the final reviewer just went on vacation. Simultaneously, you’re spending significant time printing, scanning, and uploading dozens of pages to your personal cloud. You then realize that the scanned signature images have bloated the total document size and need to be shrunken. And the source files reside in multiple repositories. And for some reason no one in your massive email chain is responding….  

Concentrix and airSlate have seen this issue many times before and in this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how Concentrix and the airSlate solution can prevent the inevitable bottlenecks (and accompanying headaches).  

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to seamlessly:   

  • Automate end-to-end workflows, including document generation, contract management, and data collection  
  • Streamline business processes with low-code bots and web forms  
  • Speed up contract negotiation with e-signature workflows and a robust online PDF editor  
  • Optimize business processes with advanced analytics and tracking 


Eveline Buchatskiy

VP Special Partners at airSlate

Keri Curkendall

Partner Activision Manager at airSlate

David Soden

Principal, Concentrix

David Darby

Managing Director, Concentrix