The Challenge

The automotive industry is no longer just about designing, building and selling superior products. Industry competition is becoming more intense and, as a result, automotive organizations need to build meaningful relationships with customers even after the purchase. Listening to their feedback and exceeding their expectations will be the key in retaining them as repeat buyers and referrals.

Your priorities are grounded in the customer ecosystem, and we partner with clients to deliver end-to-end customer engagement services, technology innovations, analytics, process optimization, and business improvements. Your objective and imperatives drive our strategy. Our solutions are transformational and customized to your needs. Our front and back office and industry-specific processes are designed to provide the highest value from every customer interaction and to deliver improved business outcomes.

Speed & Accuracy

Concentrix is a high-value business services company advancing customer engagement with entrepreneurism, investment and agility. We offer industry expertise and complete customer life cycle capability for the leading OEMs. We also use Voice-of-Customer analytics to keep you completely connected to your customers. While you will get organized feedback on design and brand marketing, you will also receive dealer customer experience that will help drive process improvement.

Our innovative solutions with social, dealer and in-vehicle channels enable you to better serve and understand your client base, resulting in increased revenue, customer satisfaction, loyalty and profit while delivering cost savings. Our flexibility and agility have allowed us to continuously anticipate changes in the marketplace, and to capitalize on the opportunities those changes present. We strive to provide the highest value in every customer interaction, which helps to transform customer experience. We have over 2,500 industry experts worldwide delivering high business value to some of the major global clients in the automotive sector.

Our Pursuit

We help you to stay close to your customers by providing  the right product, service and information at the right time, while increasing your knowledge of your customers and decreasing your operational costs. Our superior call handling, integrated solutions and business process enhancements have proven to have an increase in customer satisfaction. We reduce costs significantly with process efficiency, improved First Call Resolution, self-service for your customers, global resource scheduling and labor optimization. Through this combination of offerings, we will increase your sales leads and customer retention.


Potential Types of Engagement

  • Concierge Services
  • Dealer Business & Technical Support
  • Customer At Risk Management
  • Infotainment Support

What’s Your Customer Strategy?