Welcome to Concentrix

Concentrix is a recognized leader in providing innovative services and technology to accelerate high-value interactions at every stage of your customer’s lifecycle.

We start every client relationship by asking one key question: What is your customer strategy?

Armed with the answer to this question, we partner with our clients to support their strategies by providing solutions that maximize the value of every interaction we have with their customers. And no matter what the strategy is, we focus on driving revenue for our clients, reducing their costs to serve and building greater brand loyalty among their customers.

Who is Concentrix?

Our Company Mission
We drive revenue for our clients by building long-term relationships with their customers and converting them to raving fans.
The Concentrix Philosophy
Our work on behalf of our clients is driven by their answers to one simple question: What is your customer strategy?

Our Competencies

Innovative Solutions 90%
Global Footprint 95%
Local Intimacy 85%
Revenue Generation 95%

Innovative Solutions