We’ll help you define your customer strategy which we’ll enable through the efficient use of innovative technology and worldwide resources. The desired outcome is always to attain the maximum possible value from every customer interaction at each phase of your customer engagement lifecycle:

Phase 1: Acquire

Acquiring a steady stream of new customers is vital to the growth of your organization. But it’s also a significant investment that sets the tone for the entire customer lifecycle.

Phase 2: Support

Concentrix has 30 years of experience delivering award-winning customer care and technical support in more than 33 languages around the world.

Phase 3: Renew

Service revenue, from maintenance and service contracts and software licenses, can represent as much as 50% of a company’s overall revenue stream. Are you leaving money on the table?

Why Concentrix?

  • You’ll be working with one of the strongest players in the industry. That means we’ll be here over the long haul – eliminating any worry of disruption to your business. If you look at our metrics and ability to invest, it’s at par, if not exceeding all of our competitors. Case in point, our recent acquisition of IBM’s Customer Care Business.
  • You’ll have the attention of our senior most people. Every executive has operational awareness of every Concentrix client. From the top to the bottom, every mind in the Concentrix organization is focused on your success. We never stop looking for a better way to grow your business!
  • You’ll be one of a limited number of strategic partnerships. You’ve got to be strategic to us, and we’ve got to be strategic to you. This means you’ll always be a big deal to us.

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NEW: Whitepaper Launched

  • Insource to Outsource to Crowdsource. What’s Really Next? Concentrix are proud to announce the release of Chris Caldwell’s new Whitepaper on what’s really ahead with the sea change in global outsourcing. Download the Whitepaper Here…


Just a short note to thank you and your team for what you have achieved this quarter. It has been a baptism of fire but you have come through with great results and have made a huge contribution to our performance.
Global Leader in Security, Backup and Availability Solutions
Concentrix is very structured, professional and meticulous in its approach. People’s focus is exemplary. There are various programs for employees to grow their talent within the organization which I have not seen in other vendors. The quality of resources provided are on par with other corporate organizations.
Global Technology Solutions and Services Leader
They understand the big picture, stay in close contact with us and react quickly to things. They have their finger on the pulse; they really invest in the relationship and understand us.
Global Leader of Internet Protocol-Based Equipment
Year-to-date you helped us with 165K customer contacts which is an incredible achievement. Thank you for helping in such short notice. Concentrix, you are a true partner.
Global Leader in Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure
Concentrix is vital in driving relationships with our installed base. Their multi-touch cadence utilizing telesales, marketing communications and automated systems allows us to communicate with 30,000 customers quarterly. Concentrix has driven a 10-point gain in renewal rate for our market.
Leader in Network Security and Data Protection Services
Concentrix has consistently driven high renewal rate performance. We value the transparency of the relationship and the manner in which we can adapt the organization to attack business problems.
Global Leader in Unified Web, Data, and Email Content Security
Concentrix is a true partner that reacts quickly to new challenges, helps us think outside the box in implementing and testing new programs and consistently delivers the services we need.
Leader in 3D Design, Engineering and Entertainment Software
Concentrix has implemented an agent on-boarding process that is second to none. They have leveraged their industry knowledge to fine tune their hiring profiles, interview and selection process and new agent training program. This allows them to meet our aggressive ramp and ongoing staffing requirements with fully trained, highly capable agents who deliver excellent results from the day they hit the floor.
Leader in Family Entertainment, TV Technologies and High Definition TV Programming
They push the boundaries and proactively provide ideas. They stay in tune with our business. They are true innovators.
Global Software Company
Congratulations to the Concentrix Manila team on your 1,825 days of providing consistent, world-class customer service to our customers. Your Manila team has been a pillar of customer satisfaction, very good support center partnership, leadership and management for 5 years now.
Global Networking Company Delivering Products to Consumers, Businesses and Service Providers

Innovative Solutions

Challenge: Cost-Effective Revenue Capture.

Problem: Inadequate coverage model for Small Account Resellers. Poor data, infrequent purchasing patterns and limited buying power result in “orphan” accounts with low contact rates and missed revenue opportunities.

Results: “High-touch” sales model with dedicated account agents improves coverage, reach and frequency. Buying patterns improve, with repeat purchasers and increased customer retention rates. Concentrix delivered over $100M of sales from the start of the program.

Challenge: Creating an Optimal Support Model

Problem: Escalating support call costs and high levels of customer dissatisfaction resulting from lack of out-of-scope support options.

Results: Reengineered support model to provide self-service, pay for support options for out-of-scope and call flow architecture. Increased paid CSAT by over 10%, built a new revenue stream that returns 187% of support call costs in North America and reduced annual telecom charges by over $300K and overall support costs by 20%. New model results in several industry awards.

Challenge: Capturing Every Renewals Dollar

Problem: No focus on high volume, low maintenance and support contracts. Channel partners weren’t engaging due to low value. End-users lost contact with resellers and were unaware support and maintenance had expired. Losing business to competition due to no contact with low ASP end-users.

Results: Created renewals “Sweeper” team to focus on market segment. Over $2 million (USD) of opportunity connected back to Channel partners through activity of Concentrix Sweeper agents; Just under $2 million (USD) of Sweeper opportunity converted at a margin of 30%.