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SecureCX™ Workspace Security

One of the most basic security concerns in the remote work environment is making absolutely certain that the person in front of the screen is who they say they are—and only them. The Concentrix SecureCX platform provides digital tools and technology to authenticate, restrict unauthorized personnel and devices, and deliver real-time alerting of attempts to circumvent control.

SecureCX takes the remote work environment beyond data and workstation security, protecting your customers and your business.

How we’ll help:

Our Global Command Center monitors activity 24×7 to ensure a secure, safe work environment through:

Facial Biometrics ⁠— The advisor’s identity is authenticated, and any unauthorized person in or near the advisor’s workspace (e.g., shoulder surfing) is detected. Checks are done at login, periodically throughout day, or as an immediate response to an alert.

Unauthorized Device and Usage Detection ⁠— Access to or use of banned devices (e.g., cell phones) is detected, preventing any unauthorized data capture, such as via recording, SMS, or photos. Attempts to circumvent control (e.g., covering the camera or using a photograph instead of a live face) are detected and an alert is made in real time.

Robust Business Rules Configuration ⁠— All business rules are established by account with configurable parameters, customizable response by severity, automated actions, real-time alerts, and violation audits.

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Introducing SecureCX™ by Concentrix | Concentrix Video

Introducing SecureCX™

Discover SecureCX™, our new, next-gen biometric facial recognition WAH security solution, protects your customers and your business.

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