Program Success Services

We manage the day-to-day, so you can focus on results.

To win at CX, your team must be the internal champions for making customer experiences better— by building action plans, implementing initiatives and socializing wins across the business.

Our scalable force of Program Success experts will take the day-to-day burden of VOC management off your team’s shoulders, allowing you to focus on action and results.

Concentrix Program Success Services
How we'll help:

Feedback Management ⁠— We do the technical programming that brings the survey to life and provides ongoing oversight of the feedback collection process.

Sample Management — Our experts program your sample and quota design strategies and provide ongoing process oversight. You’ll have ample representative feedback across all segments without risk of over-surveying your customer.

Dashboard & Reporting Configuration — We configure all roles, users, reporting and workflow tools in ConcentrixCX.

ConcentrixCX Training — Professional training on ConcentrixCX capabilities empowers your teams to use feedback to drive action.

Innovation & Change Management ⁠— Ongoing recommendations for improvements and a centralized intake process for change requests ensure your program is aligned with industry best practices and reduces the risk of decisions made in isolation.

Planning & Organization ⁠— Project management services oversee timing, budget, meetings and documentation to keep your program running on time and on budget.

Text Analytics Management ⁠— Our programming experts build and maintain your text analytic classification models and monitor their effectiveness.

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