Program Design Services

Our experts will help you design a smart and impactful VOC program.

How would it impact your business if you had better visibility across customer journeys? Are your survey experiences good customer experiences? How do you know if you’re asking the right questions, or asking too often … or not enough?

Although it can be tempting to try a do-it-yourself solution, don’t be fooled. VOC program design can be a tricky business.

With Concentrix VOC, there are no “design in a box” limitations or ambiguity. Better yet, our solution includes support from our CX and research experts. We’ll work with you, guiding design for critical aspects of your program, including surveys, sampling and reporting. All aspects will be custom-configured specifically for your needs and objectives. And it’s all seamlessly integrated and executed by ConcentrixCX software.

Concentrix Program Design Services
How we’ll help:

People & Culture Seminars ⁠— Capture the most relevant and actionable aspects of the customer experience, while delivering a positive brand touch.

Sample Design ⁠— Collect enough feedback to guide actions that improve your business — without over-surveying your customers.

Dashboard and Reporting Design ⁠— Focus each level of your organization on the insights they need the most.

Feedback Framework Design ⁠— Whether you’re capturing micro-journeys or running more traditional surveys, we guide where, when and how to measure the moments that have the biggest impact.

Text Analytics Design ⁠— Accurately categorize unstructured feedback into meaningful, actionable themes.

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