People & Culture Strategies

Leverage our expertise to inspire a customer-first culture.

There’s a lot of buzz these days around building a culture of customer experience. But too often, employees view customer experience as “just a number on my scorecard.” How can you help them understand the difference?

Rest easy! We have a team of CX Strategists with the skills and knowledge to help you inspire your employees and make customer experience real for all of them.

Concentrix People and Culture Services
How we’ll help:

People & Culture Seminars ⁠— Our series of educational seminars outlines employee engagement best practices and related tools in ConcentrixCX. You’ll learn how to integrate proven engagement techniques into your VOC program to accelerate implementation and cultural adoption.

Seminar topics include:

  • VOC Employee Communications
  • Frontline CX Engagement
  • Customer Survey Follow-Up
  • Employee Elevations

Employee Action Framework ⁠— We’ll help you design CX-focused activities for the frontline, with tools and training to ensure your customer-facing teams are doing the right things to drive success.

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