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Understand the entire experience.
Omnichanne Feedback | Concentrix VOC

The journey for every customer and employee is unique—from the actions they take to how they provide feedback. Understanding their perceptions at each point in the journey is a challenge most companies face. From surveys to social media and beyond, ConcentrixCX captures and unifies customer signals from any touchpoint along any journey.

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Solicited Feedback

Connect with your customers and employees on their terms.

Ask for feedback through any channel: email surveys, SMS, web intercepts, digital feedback tabs, in-app, messaging channels, connected IoT devices, IVR, telephone … you name it. Branded, interactive surveys will boost response rates to deliver a memorable feedback experience.

Social Media

Manage your online reputation.

Easily capture chatter from key social outlets and leverage artificial intelligence to isolate pain points, identify at-risk customers and respond instantly. Social feedback is presented alongside other insight sources, providing immediate visibility into cross-channel strengths and opportunities.

Social Media | ConcentrixCX VOC
Complaints | ConcentrixCX VOC


Learn more from poor experiences.

Pull in data from your complaints systems and use artificial intelligence to quickly categorize your biggest issues. Great for financial services companies looking to extract more value from customer complaints.

Customer Interactions

Tap into rich insights from your contact centers.

Integrate data sources such as calls, emails, and employee notes to uncover new ways to improve. Use artificial intelligence to find problem areas and identify at-risk customers. Insights are presented alongside survey results, providing a more holistic view of the experience.

Customer Interactions | Concentrix VOC

“Organizations with small teams or programs looking for a strategic partner paired with solid technology should put Concentrix on their shortlists.”

The Forrester Wave™️: Customer Feedback Management, Q1 2023

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