Continuous Improvement Consulting

Transform CX with the right insights, action plans and accountability for change.

Even the best-planned VOC programs lose steam when metrics stop improving and financial outcomes are disappointing. This usually happens when companies lack the insight needed to align processes policies and channels to customer success.

We can help you understand why you’re not getting the results you expect, and how to get your program back on track. Our experts are here to help make the most of your CX data and drive real change for your customers.

Concentrix Continuous Improvement Consulting
How we’ll help:

Continuous Improvement Seminar ⁠— You’ll learn best practices for establishing a VOC-powered continuous improvement program that drives innovation and sustainable advantages.

CX Governance Design⁠ — We help you design the roles, responsibilities, success criteria … even meeting cadence. When your stakeholders are working towards the same objectives and are held accountable for action, you’ll see successful outcomes faster.

Issue & Impact Analysis ⁠— In-depth, interpretive analysis of VOC data uncovers and prioritizes emerging CX issues.

Root Cause & Action Planning ⁠— We’ll analyze VOC and other data sources to isolate the root cause of CX issues, create action plans and implement solutions that improve the CX and generate a quick financial return.

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