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Technology investments as a differentiator

No forced partnership technology here. We focus on the right solution to drive our clients’ business forward and employ a technology-agnostic approach, allowing access to current, robust, and appropriate solutions. Paramount to this is ensuring the security and compliant use of all information. In the end, it’s not just technology; we ensure our methodologies, staff, industry knowledge, and governance align with the technology to drive the right client results.

Concentrix Systems Integration

Systems Integration

In today’s digital world, the ability to effectively integrate across systems, data sources, and channels is fundamental. Concentrix has a long history of successfully and efficiently integrating a variety of client based systems, commercial applications, channel services, and our internal network and data services.

CX Model Design

Are legacy systems and operational structures limiting your CX improvements? It’s time to consider a different kind of tech-and-people model—one that allows you to keep pace with customer expectations, that’s more in-tune with the way people want to interact with your brand. We help you rethink your CX, powered by the latest cloud, automation, and emerging technologies, to create a sustainable operating model that fits your business goals, and elevates your CX strategy to the next level.

CX Model Design
Concentrix Enabled Operations

Enabled Operations

Drive better customer engagement and enhance revenue channels with our scalable, cloud contact center. Our [email protected]™ solution lets you flex operations without adding to your infrastructure costs. Concentrix provides several industry-specific platforms too, including GIAS™ for the insurance industry, and TradeFree™ Core, TradeFree™ Portal, and Factorin™ for commercial banking to automate and drive transaction processing.

IT Services

While you focus on delivering the best products or services you can to your customers, we provide the support you need to keep up with industry demands and emerging trends. Our customer-centric approach and proven capabilities in product engineering, Application Development & Maintenance (ADM), and digital services are delivered with high security and scalability.

IT Services | Concentrix

API Management & Security

As CX becomes more intricately tied to how customers interface across devices, systems, and platforms, APIs play an ever-greater role in how people interact with the world. Our forward-thinking approach to API management and security helps you shift left and enhance security, agility, and speed without sacrificing the benefits of APIs. We enable you to make daily pivots by establishing best practices that contribute to an innovative API program.

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ADM & Staff Augmentation

ADM & Staff Augmentation

Learn how Concentrix Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) and Staff Augmentation can enable better decision support.

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