Process Intelligence & Optimization

Discover and fix the inefficiencies that are holding back your business. With AI-powered insights and intelligent automation, you can uncover bottlenecks and unlock growth.

We’re redefining process intelligence with Celonis

The Concentrix Process Intelligence and Optimization solution leverages Celonis’ cutting-edge process mining and execution management capabilities to reveal valuable insights about your business processes. We help you pinpoint areas requiring improvement, allowing you to take swift and targeted action to fix them and unlock new value for your business—for increased efficiency, smarter operations, and enhanced customer experiences. 


Connect entire operations to find and fix hidden inefficiencies.


Speed up processes, be more agile and more predictive.


Reveal new opportunities to automate and personalize experiences.


Enhance decision-making to boost productivity.

We design, build, and run process intelligence for optimal performance

With our CX Bridge solution, you can use data from the front and back office to fix performance issues.

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Uncovering the gaps in customer experiences

You strive to offer your customers the best possible experiences. But often the best intentions of people and technology fall short. Why? Because, despite your best efforts to build the most well-designed business processes and customer journeys, your customers, and your employees, simply try to do things in ways you can’t anticipate. Process complexity, bottlenecks, and workarounds are common in every business, but the resulting inefficiencies, errors, and costs can be avoided.

Process Evaluation

We evaluate your processes and identify the gaps and issues that are preventing you from delivering your best experiences and business outcomes.

Intelligence Blueprint

Drawing on our expertise, partnerships, process, and governance capabilities, we establish the frameworks and dashboards to drive your future success. 

Optimized Excellence

Through continuous tuning and optimization to reflect changes in your business operations, goals, and customers’ needs, we automate fixes and accelerate digital transformation. 

Impact of Process Mining Use Cases on the Customer Experience

From workflows to decision-making, delve into the practical applications that make process mining a key driver of operational efficiency.


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