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The future of customer engagement reimagined

Our new Solv™ platform unshackles the customer support agent from their desk. Solv enables businesses to access knowledge-rich, on-demand talent from around the world, providing a lower cost-to-serve customer support model, enabling us to support our clients to scale more quickly.

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Why Gig?

In our digital age, the workforce is ever more mobile and work can often be done from anywhere.

With job and location decoupled, there are new opportunities outside of the brick-and-mortar constraints of conventional operations.

What is Solv?

Solv is a new digital platform, designed and built by Concentrix. It offers greater flexibility, reduced shrinkage and minimized cost to serve for our clients.

  • Concentrix sources a pool of workers and matches them to clients registered on the platform.
  • Customer issues are logged in real time as Solv tickets.
  • Once workers have passed the induction process, they can start solving these tickets. Clients pay for each ticket closed.

Who are Solvers?

Solvers are a crowd of independent contractors, made up of tech enthusiasts, gig economy superstars, and expert customer service workers.

Solvers have the flexibility to work on their terms, when and where they want to. Solv connects them directly to the brands they love, allowing them to get paid for their expertise.

Multilingual Solving

Multilingual skills can be sourced alongside English on the Solv platform, fully removing all barriers of language for your customers.

Solv has an ability to reach and scale talent skills for multilingual crowds, as well as integration with advanced AI-powered multilingual technology through an exclusive partnership with Unbabel.

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