Outcome-Based Delivery

Engage strategically with our team to share risks and rewards.

We work with our clients to understand their specific customer experience goals, and then we mutually define a desirable and achievable outcome for the services and solutions that we will deliver to address those goals. Our systems integration expertise and managed services solutions guarantee outcomes that pure technology providers cannot achieve.

How we’ll help:

Determine Key Performance Indicators ⁠— Determine how you want to measure success. What are you most concerned about: CSAT, NPS, call effectiveness, task completion rate, average handle time, self-service handle time, agent-to-agent transfer rate?

Outcome Based Solution Designs ⁠— Drive automation and results with our balanced technology and operational expertise.

Create a Baseline ⁠— Determine what your current metrics for the KPIs we’ll be measuring.

Set New Targets ⁠— Determine how much improvement you want to see in your KPIs.

Agree on an Outcome ⁠— Determine what form you want your outcome results to take, e.g., the form of risk/reward, gain share, or another outcome-based model.

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