Omnichannel Engagement

Everywhere as a Service

Concentrix Experience Platform helps you “connect the dots” and provide visibility to all interaction channels, so you can increase revenue while giving your customers a personalized, contextual customer journey that anticipates and addresses their needs.

Front-line staff can provide a quicker time to resolution and be 5x more efficient by understanding journey context and utilizing asynchronous messaging channels.

How we’ll help:

Journey Orchestration ⁠— Build a contextual and actionable view of all the “digital breadcrumbs” your customers leave as they move across channels, helping front-line staff and systems determine next best step actions that reduce effort, increase revenue, and reduce costs.

Messaging ⁠— Offer messaging as a core part of the customer experience to make it easy for customers to get their questions answered. Customers are in control and can interact when it is convenient for them, and they can start and stop as needed to fit their busy lives, just like they do when texting friends and family.

Proactive Notifications ⁠— Design, manage, and deliver automated reminders, alerts, and other real-time updates via text, email, and phone across all stages of the customer lifecycle.

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