Journey Orchestration

Turn disjointed interactions into AI-enabled contextual conversations.

Concentrix XP Journey Orchestration simplifies the gathering of relevant enterprise data and “digital breadcrumbs” across all customer touch points. Having insight into historical, incomplete, and complete interactions gives you the ability to cross-sell and upsell products and services and maximize conversion rates.

How we’ll help:

Design and manage customer journeys ⁠— Today’s customer journeys are multi-touch, multi-threaded, and constantly changing. The sheer volume of data is more than humans can handle. Journey Orchestration applies Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) to help your teams make sense of new data, make smarter decisions faster, and continually adapt to changing customer expectations and business conditions.

Develop actionable customer profiles ⁠— Customer Journey Segment filters consolidate data across all channels to provide a single view of the customer that you can use to proactively tailor personalized offers in self-service or agent interactions.

Improve loyalty and retention ⁠— Recognize customer intent in real-time and personalize self-service and agent interactions based on propensity to buy and customer lifetime value.

Reduce cost to serve ⁠— Leverage data more effectively to predict customer value and shape next best action based on intent, such as steering workflow to lower-cost channels and self-serve options.

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