Fraud & Voice Biometrics

Protect your customers from internal and external threats.

Research shows that the average global cost of a data breach is four million dollars, and fines for regulatory non-compliance can quickly add up to billions of dollars. Concentrix can help you choose the right approach to reduce exposure to new threats, control costs, avoid non-compliance penalties, and ensure your customer and enterprise data and privacy are protected.

How we'll help:

Caller Fraud Prevention ⁠— Use robotic process automation (RPA) to proactively identify fraudulent calls and alert your agents and staff in real time. Guard against common tactics, such as number porting, automatic number identification (ANI) spoofing, and device cloning, that fraudsters use to compromise the security of your customers’ mobile devices.

Secure Payments ⁠— Provide a PCI-compliant, non-verbal mode for entering credit card and financial data to take the agent out of the transaction and prevent recording of financial transactions. Detect fraudulent agent behavior, such as call avoidance and metrics manipulation.

Regulatory and Agent Compliance ⁠— Leverage foolproof disclosure automation for HIPAA and other regulations. Our unique approach blends RPA, computer telephony integration (CTI), and real-time business rules to monitor agent behavior in real-time, helping companies significantly reduce average handle time, eliminate verification errors, and enhance agent productivity.

Voice Biometrics ⁠— Combine behavioral characteristics, such as pronunciation, speed of speech, and accents, with physical characteristics to produce a unique voice pattern for every individual. Enable active and passive registration.

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