Build Once, Use Everywhere.

Concentrix Experience Platform allows your customers to text or say what they need in their own words and use AI to complete tasks that they never thought possible, without human assistance.

Our solutions provide out-of-the-box natural language understanding and speech recognition, context-aware interactions, and a unified customer experience that transitions seamlessly from voice channels to text-based channels.

Conversational Bots & Virtual Assistants – Well-designed and executed bots and virtual assistants transform everyday interactions into satisfying, frictionless self-serve experiences your customers expect.

Use text-based bots in messaging or chat to automate basic tasks like information inquiries, order status checks, and account, billing or payment-related help various messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Apple Business Chat, or Google RBM.

Apply more advanced virtual assistant capabilities, such as dynamic conversational flow techniques and natural language processing (NLP), where more complex interactions or understanding of customer intent and context are needed to enrich engagement.

Modernize your IVR – Voice is still the number one way consumers expect to engage, but with consumer adoption of conversational AI, now is the time to say goodbye to “press or say” touch tone menus and engage in a more human– and more humane– way.

Concentrix XP enables your business to effectively use conversational technologies to better serve caller needs, from using speech and natural language to fulfill requests over the phone to moving mobile callers to more preferred channels such as messaging.

How we’ll help:

Customer journey insights ⁠— Leverage the customer’s interaction history and profile to support continuity of their journey across communication channels and timeframes.

Powerful application development tools ⁠— Take advantage of your existing infrastructures, service-oriented architecture (SOA), and business logic to create dynamic, personalized applications.

Flexible delivery models ⁠— Choose from on-premises/customer premise equipment (CPE), on-demand/shared hosted, or dedicated hosting models, to accelerate time-to-market.

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