Engagement with an evolving workforce

As companies strive for better brand engagement and customer experience, the role of the agent and value of the workforce has never been more critical to success.

At Concentrix, we’re on a workforce evolution journey, investing in the agent of the future to better serve you and your customers. Our tech-enabled, empowered, and engaged workforce delivers global customer engagement, seamlessly and reliably.

Concentrix Customer Engagement Centers
Concentrix Customer Care

Customer Care

Create connections with your customers to make sure that they love dealing with your brand, every time. Our agent workforce has the social, emotional, and problem-solving skills to handle the complex issues that your customers can’t solve through digital self-service.

Concentrix Technical Support

Technical Support

Deliver the right level of support across channels to ensure first time resolution and a great brand experience. Our technical support capabilities include software, mobile devices, computers, networking, SaaS account, and technology hardware peripherals such as printers. We deploy self-service tools complemented by a tiered support capability, including service truck management.

Concentrix Revenue Generation

Revenue Generation

Grow wallet share and accelerate your return on marketing investment with our proven multichannel inbound/outbound direct sales capabilities. Execute results-focused sales strategies by bolstering demand generation with our targeted prospecting and lead qualification. Our Next Best Action™ methodology provides timely, relevant offers to close cross-sell or upsell opportunities with better results.

Concentrix Content Moderation

Content Moderation

Protect your brand and your users with a content moderation strategy that catches every possible risk, confirms accuracy, and continuously improves your content to keep your customers engaged and loyal. Our services are designed to scrape off the bad content, following rigorous standards to ensure regulatory compliance.

Concentrix Back Office

Back Office

Ensure a great customer experience with back office operations that optimize process efficiency and accuracy. Whether it’s healthcare claims, transaction processing, policy management, collections, or order management, we approach back office support with deep capabilities in analytics, automation, and industry-specific knowledge.


Multilingual Hubs

Remove all barriers of language for engaging with your customers. Multilingual skills can be sourced from our selectively located customer engagement centers, or through our partner Unbabel, providing AI-human translation.