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Customers are the heart of any business, and they expect exceptional CX. Moving your contact center to the cloud enables you to quickly adapt, shift, and meet customer expectations while also driving your business efficiencies and cost considerations. Concentrix makes cloud contact center transformation easy. Seamless transformation. Always future-ready CX. Accelerated outcomes for your business.


Our team of CX experts have decades of experience in evaluating processes, finding gaps, and understanding the needs of your business and customers. We’ll help you design a cloud solution that drives growth and increases customer satisfaction.


reduction in average handle time


Armed with the blueprint that will help your business achieve extraordinary results, we’ll build the technology solution needed to reach your KPIs and goals. Our contact center solutions allow you to run your contact center efficiently, communicate with customers through their channel of choice, and optimize automation technology, so you can focus on what matters most—delighting your customers.


 of calls migrated to messaging


Once your uniquely designed and built contact center solution is up and running, Concentrix’s team of professionals will handle all the details in keeping your technology running smoothly. You don’t need to be IT experts, because we are. We’ll manage your solution, handle incident requests, help identify when things go wrong, and make recommendations for further optimization. You focus on your business, and we’ll keep the technology running smoothly.


  improvement in customer satisfaction

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Cloud Contact Center powered by Amazon Connect

Make it easy to engage with your customers in conversations that are natural, personalized, and connected. As an Amazon Connect Service Delivery Partner, we can get you up and running on Amazon Connect quickly.

Virtual Assistant

Empower your customers to text or say what they need in their own words with Concentrix Virtual Assistant. Natural, easy, and context-aware—our technology is driven by conversational AI to take your customer experience to the next level.

Asynchronous Messaging

Let your customers communicate in the channel they likely use most through their day—messaging. Concentrix Asynchronous Messaging enables customers to connect with you and get the information they need, even if they are pulled away from the conversation. They can stop and start without losing the conversation history.


With Concentrix AnyPaas organizations can break free from being limited to one CPaaS vendor. AnyPass allows businesses to adapt, shift and pivot quickly to face any unexpected market changes or service outages. With the ability to switch vendors seamlessly without interruption, it provides the guaranteed redundancy needed to never lose connection with customers. 

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