Automation investments as a differentiator

Adjust to the rapidly changing business landscape with intelligent automation. Automation and virtual agents can be invaluable additions to the customer experience, but only if you first invest in strategically redefining your people requirements to align with those next-generation processes, tools, technologies. We invest in a strong vision and strategy to focus on optimizing processes for agents and customers.

Concentrix Automation & Process Optimization
Strategy &
Operational Consulting
Concentrix Strategy & Operational Consulting

Strategy & Operational Consulting

Our automation consultants apply years of operations and technology experience to help you achieve your customer experience, revenue generation, and service optimization goals. They utilize our industry-leading EDGE (Engineered Design for Global Excellence) methodology to design, implement, and enhance your customer engagement strategy. Leverage our industry experience to drive agile processes, operational innovations, and customer engagement transformation.

Concentrix Process Optimization

Process Optimization

With our EDGE (Engineered Design for Global Excellence) methodology, we analyze and understand your customer engagement processes to design, develop, and implement enterprise-level optimization and automation initiatives. This optimization is supported by the close alignment of our Lean/Six Sigma/COPC experts. EDGE also injects design thinking and continuous innovation into the process, right from the start, to ensure that refinement opportunities aren’t left on the table.

Customer Engagement
Customer Engagement Automation

Customer Engagement Automation

Automation has the potential to reduce costs associated with operations, improve process accuracy, and increase loyalty across your customer base. We deliver focused front-office solutions with optimized workflows and macro/desktop automation that drives improved staff efficiency. In addition, by implementing cognitive systems and robotic process automation (RPA) to replace manual touchpoints, we help you enhance the consistency of output.

Concentrix Operational Analytics

Operational Analytics

To help your process optimization and automation objectives to succeed, we help you implement robust operational analytics to drive (and continue driving) business outcomes. Whether your goals are customer experience, revenue growth, or cost optimization, we help establish process insights from analytics and customer contact optimization/self-serve strategies. Our predictive analytics and forecasting capabilities help you to garner customer insights that help you fine-tune engagement processes.

Robotic Process
Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Behind the scenes, your company completes thousands of basic, time-consuming, repetitive and repeatable tasks that often don’t require a lot of independent decision-making. With Concentrix Robotic Process Automation (RPA), software “robots” can quickly automate both front- and back-office processes, enabling you to do more, do it faster, and do it with fewer errors—all without needing to replace or update existing systems.

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