Designing and optimizing customer engagement

Automation investments and innovation as a differentiator

Adjust to the dynamic business landscape with innovative automation. Automation is an invaluable enabler of great customer experience, but only if you first strategically redefine your workforce processes to align with the potential of those next-generation tools and technologies. We have committed to our vision of the benefits of a tech-infused advisor journey that optimizes processes for advisors and customers.

Tech-Infused Advisor Journey

Concentrix’s investment in an innovative technology framework for our frontline and managers delivers a team you can have confidence in. The right tools, coordinated with clear and efficient operational processes, leads to more effective service and industry-leading results.

Advanced Automation

Behind the scenes, your company completes thousands of basic, time-consuming, repetitive and repeatable tasks that often don’t require a lot of independent decision-making. With Concentrix Robotic Process Automation (RPA), software bots can quickly automate both front- and back-office processes, enabling you to do more, do it faster, and do it with fewer errors—all without needing to replace or update existing systems.

Robotic Process Automation
Concentrix Operational Analytics

Innovation & Ideation

The detailed insights from frontline employees into what is working—or not—in day-to-day activities is second to none. Our agents are all enabled to submit their ideas for how to improve processes and take them to the next level. Your results will be elevated by grassroots ideation and innovation, resulting in better outcomes and higher job satisfaction.

Process Optimization

With our EDGE (Engineered Design for Global Excellence) methodology, we analyze and understand your customer engagement processes to design, develop, and implement enterprise-level optimization and automation initiatives. This optimization is supported by the close alignment of our Lean/Six Sigma/COPC experts. EDGE also injects design thinking and continuous innovation into the process, right from the start, to ensure that refinement opportunities aren’t left on the table.

Concentrix Process Optimization

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