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Application Modernization

Evolve your applications for the future.

As organizations evolve front and back-office operations, the ability to pivot and address rapidly shifting markets is determined by the speed of product and feature delivery. Application Modernization helps companies to future-proof existing applications across cloud, mobile, web, and other application platforms. By applying cutting-edge technology and design craftmanship to your app ecosystems, we accelerate business outcomes that define the moments that matter for customers.


Our forward-thinking approach to modernizing applications strategies revolves around a holistic framework and digital foundation. We bring proven techniques to developing connected teams and established processes.


We help organizations build enterprise-level frameworks, integrating with open-source, enterprise, and cloud tools. We improve development velocity and release times, getting products and features to market faster so you can iterate based on customer feedback.


Through enterprise-grade configuration and policy management solutions, we enable version-controlled infrastructure and application-as-code, protecting against unauthorized changes and failure points.


We design, build, and run SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) technologies, helping organizations lead their industries into a new era of CX.


Accelerate transformation with our DevSecOps services, leveraging best practices and automation to reduce development lifecycles for secure applications.


Our capabilities address the full spectrum of application services, from initial assessment and advisory to ongoing services for maintaining, and continually optimizing, your critical applications in the cloud, including threat analysis and mitigation.

“APIs and patterns for delivering modern cloud architecture are at the center of successful application modernization initiatives. Concentrix Catalyst is uniquely suited to help you create the right approach to achieve desired customer outcomes with the right technology at the right time with the right focus.”


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