Operational Insights

Operational consulting to maximize value from frontline operations and front- to back-office processes

Customer engagement programs are complex and bring a wide variety of challenges, including multiple channels, diverse technologies, and multiple delivery geos and languages. Opportunities to drive greater value can be missed due to conflicting priorities, organizational silos, or technology investments that aren’t executed as designed. Need help to find and unlock these opportunities?

Create meaningful operational insights to elevate business performance

Create meaningful operational insights to elevate business performance

Every organization is overflowing with valuable data. The challenge is in turning that data into actionable insights. Our operational consulting services take an “inside-out” approach to deliver insights, value, and solutions throughout your ecosystem, ensuring effective operationalization of investments and implementations. We shape frontline strategies, providing ongoing insights to anticipate challenges and leverage our expertise, techniques, and technology to modernize operational processes for improved responsiveness, agility, and speed to value.

Services & Solutions

Contact Center Analytics

Reach new performance heights with an “inside-out” approach, leveraging AI-powered advanced analytics, ensuring you get the right insights at the right time to modernize and transform your contact center performance.

Process Intelligence & Optimization

Discover hidden process bottlenecks impacting your bottom line by connecting back- to front-office data systems. Our process intelligence and optimization solution helps you find and frame costly process deviations, and fix them through AI, automation, and technology orchestration.

Employee Wellness

Enhance your employee engagement with AI-infused, data-driven insights. Integrate productivity data, survey feedback, and social conversations to predict and measure attrition risk, optimize employee interventions, and moderate social forums.

Speech & Text Analytics

Transform conversations into AI-driven actionable insights by capturing critical customer intent, preferences, concerns, and sentiment to drive informed decisions that not only improve the customer experience, but reduce cost and grow revenue.

WFM Analytics

Combine enterprise and extraprise data along with proven AI infusion to optimize your workforce management and planning, increasing predictability and accuracy of your resource alignment—this is the next era of WFM.
Operational Insights
Impact of Process Mining Use Cases on the Customer Experience

Featured Insight

Impact of Process Mining Use Cases on the Customer Experience

From workflows to decision-making, delve into the practical applications that make process mining a key driver of operational efficiency.

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