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Apple Global Mobility Partner

We live and breathe iOS in the enterprise.

As an Apple global mobility partner, Concentrix creates billions of monthly connections on Apple products and platforms. We take a user-centered approach to solving complex business problems. When designing and building apps we consider the needs of the end-user, the goals of the business, and the Apple technologies that will deliver the best outcome.

Solution Assets

Industry Assessment

Reimagining design potential around associate’s ability to deliver a transformational customer experience

Experience Assessment

Improving performance, prioritizing initiatives or solving known issues for associates that impact the business and customer experience

App Gap Assessment

Support key business applications and learn how platform parity can be achieved efficiently

We Build Apps People Love To Use


Getting started the right way is critical to building a successful native application. Whether partnering with Catalyst at the Enterprise Design Lab, participating in a workshop or collaborating at a Hackathon, our team will ensure that your success is built on a solid foundation.


We design and develop native applications for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. We leverage the latest features of Apple products and platforms to deliver the best possible experience while ensuring the applications are scalable and secure.


We are experts in mobilizing data stored in complex systems of record. We are partnered with SAP and Salesforce enabling us to build beautiful apps for the enterprise that make employees more efficient and engaged.


Building an app is only part of the story. Ensuring the app is supported in market is critical to its overall success and longevity. We offer a 24/7 helpdesk, hosting services, and forward compatibility assurance for all apps we manage post-launch.

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