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Acting with integrity helps you learn and grow to be the best version of yourself possible. This is a critical part of the human experience, which is why we believe in doing the right thing by, and for, our staff, our clients and their customers, our communities, and the planet every time. We will always do our part to care for people, make contributions to our communities, and drive positive environmental changes around the world through our sustainability commitments.

That need for integrity, as well as the value it brings to the world, is ingrained in who we are not as a business, but as a group of humans collectively interested in making the world a better place by doing the right thing.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Environmental, Social & Governance

With 270K+ diverse staff around the world, all creating next-level experiences across six continents and caring for millions of people each day, even the smallest of positive experiences can leave a massive impact. We leverage that golden opportunity to help not just those in need in our communities, but our people, their families, and the planet too. We care about the impact we make and are dedicated to working with our people to help others and the Earth through compassion, conservation, and care.

2023 Sustainability Report


At Concentrix, our culture defines who we are. It’s what makes us different, and it’s a key element to our continued success. We embrace it and live it every day because it builds the foundation for growth that helps us all make the right choices for our clients and their customers, our business, and our planet.

Culture & Values
Health & Wellbeing


We recognize that with all the stresses present in the world today, mental health and wellbeing aren’t just important, they’re crucial. We invest in resources to ensure our people are mentally healthy because we care deeply about them and want to make sure nothing stands in the way of them growing and living their best lives! Thanks to our global team of Health and Wellbeing Officers, our staff are cared for in all our locations around the world.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) are crucial because an inclusive workplace filled with different perspectives helps us better connect with others and collaborate, to create solutions that truly benefit our planet and people. When staff feel valued and can be themselves, making positive contributions that add to a better world is easy.

We celebrate the diversity of our staff and work hard to make sure everyone is welcomed and respected, so they can be their authentic, best selves every day. And that attitude towards DEI is not just with our people. It’s reflected in our highest leadership as well.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
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