Fortress Cyber Security Award goes to Concentrix

Global Security Team Stands out in Threat Detection Category

Concentrix was presented the Business Intelligence Group’s Fortress Cyber Security Award for its dedication to cyber security both for the company’s clients and for the industry. The award identifies and rewards the world’s leading companies and products that are working to keep data and electronic assets safe among a growing threat from hackers. Concentrix’ award-winning Global Security Assessment (GSA) strategy was created as a multi stage fraud threat identification and reduction plan. In just one year, Concentrix was able to transform its threat detection strategy from a reactive to a proactive process.

An on-site, 360° review by the Global Security Team included fraud, data privacy, information and physical security experts to identify and quantify vulnerable processes, systems, and applications. The team also developed corrective action plans that focused on both client and supplier side vulnerabilities. This active monitoring and preventative action enhanced the client partnership and adhered to a strong governance model.

In a case study for a $100 billion global client, Concentrix conducted an in-depth analysis which revealed actionable opportunities for security enhancements for both Concentrix and the client, many of which had previously gone unnoticed. Concentrix was able to pilot an in house tool and increase fraud detection and agent process adherence to potentially reduce fraud from $2 million (for previous two years) to zero.

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