Concentrix Deploys AI to Drive Efficiencies in Customer Service

Recognized with BIG “Excellence in Customer Service – Transformation of the Year” Award

Concentrix won the Business Intelligence Group (BIG) Excellence in Customer Service award in the category of “Transformation of the Year” for our Account Allocation Made Easy (AAME) tool. AAME is a work allocation tool developed by Concentrix to ensure faster resolution of customer complaints.

At the heart of AAME is the analytics engine that works in tandem with robotic process automation (RPA) to improve customer case resolution. This proprietary technology fills the gaps created by an absence of logical business rules, systemic issues, and manual interventions by prioritizing case flow, measuring efficiencies, and continually monitoring for improvement.

Not only does AAME provide a dashboard that allows for more accurate reporting with increased efficiency, it also was designed to improve the customer experience. This new technology dramatically reduced average handle time and reduced rework by 60%.

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