Concentrix’ Analytics and Consulting Chosen as Most Innovative Service of the Year

Best in Biz Awards Recognize Concentrix with a Gold for Driving Results in Changing Market Dynamics

Best in Biz Awards North America has recognized Concentrix Analytics and Consulting’s Banking Industry Collection Analytics offering as the Most Innovative Service of the Year.

Concentrix’ Collections Analytics offering responds to the changing financial market by providing insights from structured and unstructured data to create expanded collection strategies. Using customer behaviors derived from unstructured data and delinquency variables to prepare customer profiles and segments, this solution leads to:

  • Increased collection possibilities and maximized account receivables.
  • Reduced risks and costs.
  • Improved customer experience and retention.

Our award-winning differentiators:

  • Intent-driven collections (empathy & behavior): Speech & text analytics use interaction analysis and emotional journey mapping to understand customers’ intent to pay and Advisor skillsets.
  • In-house, self-service augmented analytics platform: The Concentrix Insights Platform uses state-of-the-art technologies, data engineering, cognitive model building, and next-gen visualization capabilities.
  • Hyper-personalized omnichannel contact strategies: We use advanced segmentation techniques for optimal targeting.

By integrating our intent-driven behavioral strategy into collections, our clients improve their collection targets and flag early trends.

To learn more about our Analytics capabilities,  click here.

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