Preventing an API Attack
Preventing against an API attack

Billions of dollars. That’s how much API attacks have cost Venmo, Facebook, Panera Bread, Equifax, and Capital One. As one of the fastest-growing attack vectors on the internet, APIs that go untested can pose a significant risk to brand reputation and consumer trust. Yet many organizations aren’t able to say how many APIs they have, let alone whether their APIs are exposed.

To address today’s security concerns, organizations need to eliminate risk before it happens. Join Lou Powell, head of API Enablement at Concentrix Catalyst, as he shares cutting-edge best practices and processes to manage API security concerns across the enterprise.

You’ll leave this webinar with an in-depth understanding of:

  • Proven shift-left techniques successfully deployed in Fortune 500 companies
  • How to leverage standards and patterns, integrated security, and automation
  • Communications and training to stop an API attack before it happens

About the presenter

Lou Powell brings a steadfast drive for innovation to his role as partner at Concentrix Catalyst, a Google Apigee agency that was awarded a 2019 Apigee Partner of the Year distinction. At Concentrix Catalyst, he works closely with businesses to create pioneering experiences and accelerate outcomes, unlocking greater value and market leadership. He worked in advertising and digital marketing before launching his own business, Vanick Digital, which he led for 19 years before acquisition by Concentrix Catalyst. Lou is a lifelong student of technology pattern adoption and the practices of tech natives, and he brings a design-thinking approach to technology in all of his work. His thought leadership has appeared in the Forbes Technology Council community.