Find Your Enterprise CX North Star

Find your enterprise CX North Star

Finding your CX North Star

With 75% of CX initiatives seeking to accelerate digital transformation, CX can no longer be a siloed effort. The need to elevate perspectives to “journey thinking” and drive integrated roadmaps across teams and throughout the enterprise is pushing the limits of how CX has traditionally been done.

To do journey-level enterprise CX, you’ll need the right tools, the right plan, and the right approach. Join Marko Muellner, Head of CX at Concentrix Catalyst, and fellow Strategy and Design leaders as they detail proven techniques for orchestrating and delivering cohesive CX initiatives. From establishing a single source of truth through blueprints to generating alignment across the business and developing a prioritization framework and an integrated roadmap, they’ll share how their teams have delivered impactful CX change.  

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Design a playbook for around a single view of current and future state journeys.
  • How to align your CX work with business objectives. 
  • How to prioritize complex, enterprise-level CX improvements. 
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About the presenter
Marko MuellnerMarko Z. Muellner serves as VP of Digital Experience Strategy at Concentrix Catalyst. He has focused on CX and digital transformation for over 25 years with expertise in strategy, marketing, omnichannel customer experience, data strategy, content strategy, and account management. He has spent his time crafting and optimizing customer experiences for global B2C and B2B brands, large and small digital and PR agencies, start-ups, and non-profits. This experience has brought him to the stage as a featured speaker and to the pages of top-tier publications as a columnist. At Concentrix Catalyst, Marko leads our CX Acceleration practice and is a key strategic partner to our clients, helping to guide their CX transformation roadmaps and make the organizational change required to be successful in the increasingly complex global marketplace.