How to Be an Effective API Product Manager

How to be an effective API Product Manager

Make your APIs work for you

API ownership has taken on new meaning following the Supreme Court ruling in Google vs. Oracle. With copyright infringement of API interfaces a thing of the past, how do companies protect their APIs’ value? APIs can no longer be treated as a bunch of integrations. The real value of APIs now lies in what can’t be easily duplicated—their look, their feel, how they address market needs. Companies will need to focus on API product quality and capability to deliver value. They’ll need to create a rationalized set of capabilities that provide great value to API consumers. Join Lou Powell, Head of API Enablement at Concentrix Catalyst, as he breaks down what API productization is and the capabilities you’ll need to succeed at it, including:
  • How to structure your API offerings so they generate business value.
  • How to define and establish an API capability product manager role.
  • Why you need an API offering product manager.

About the presenter
A picture of Lou PowellLou Powell brings a steadfast drive for innovation to his role as partner at Concentrix Catalyst, a Google Apigee agency that was awarded a 2019 Apigee Partner of the Year distinction. At Concentrix Catalyst, he works closely with businesses to create pioneering experiences and accelerate outcomes, unlocking greater value and market leadership. He worked in advertising and digital marketing before launching his own business, Vanick Digital, which he led for 19 years before acquisition by Concentrix Catalyst. Lou is a lifelong student of technology pattern adoption and the practices of tech natives, and he brings a design-thinking approach to technology in all of his work. He has also contributed to Forbes Technology Council.