Optimize Your Workplace with the Nuvolo Asset Management Platform

Optimize your workplace with the Nuvolo asset management platform

We’ve all heard by now that the workforce is changing rapidly, but what does that look like for facilities management? Premera Blue Cross knows, and I joined forces with its manager of facilities maintenance and operations, Michael Miller, and Ben Person, Vice President of Global Marketing at Nuvolo to discuss the organization’s digital transformation. Premera Blue Cross went from manual “swivel chair” processes and siloed tools to the Nuvolo asset management platform for IT, facilities, and workplace teams to collaborate on a single system.

The Nuvolo Connected Workplace platform solution allows Premera to better manage employee moves, changes, and the new flexible workplace. It also enables Premera to plan for a post-pandemic world, by offering insights into the breakdown of flexible, telecommute, and full-time employees, how badge data is helping in monitoring space usage as employees return, and what real estate changes to consider as more employees telecommute.

The Nuvolo platform can also be leveraged to help bring together badge data, hoteling reservations, facilities, and space data. This helps Premera gain the insights it needs to manage its buildings and real estate portfolio effectively.

Discover how the Nuvolo asset management platform can help you transform and navigate the new workplace by watching the video below.

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