Loyalty Technology: Building Connections with Salesforce and Mulesoft

loyalty technology

With the average company running up to 91 different martech solutions, gaps in customer data can put businesses at a disadvantage. To connect experiences across a multitude of platforms and transit multiple touchpoints requires a proven approach to integration.

Join Concentrix Catalyst thought leaders in Loyalty and API as they discuss how to create rich, personalized customer experiences with advanced loyalty tech. They’ll provide insights on orchestrating Salesforce and Mulesoft to cultivate deeper and longer-lasting customer relationships through connected membership and omnichannel experiences.

You’ll leave this webinar with a better understanding of:

  • How membership can help enable connected experiences
  • Why you need an API strategy to complement your loyalty strategy
  • Creating direct connectivity throughSalesforce and Mulesoft
  • How event-driven architecture directs data back into the enterprise through APIs, generating personal, timely, and rich customer experiences
Discover the future of consumer loyalty.