Embrace the Power of Low Code Development Solutions

Embrace the power of low code development solutions

According to Gartner, every dollar a business spends in digital innovation will require three dollars to modernize its legacy application portfolio continuously. As a result, enterprises will need a proven application approach to reduce ongoing cost and gain the most benefit.

Join David Soden and David Darby of Concentrix Catalyst and members of the OutSystems Platform team in their virtual event, Maximizing Low-Code Productivity, on Wednesday, October 13. The OutSystems platform is vital in helping to achieve IT deliverables, increase quality, and ramp up productivity. In addition to receiving a live demonstration of the OutSystems platform, you will learn how to mitigate common pain points in digital modernization by leveraging the power of low-code, our approach to helping you solve your modernization challenges, and the next steps to take in your digital transformation journey.

You’ll leave this webinar with the solutions and approach you’ll need to:

  • Make the right decisions about your legacy apps during digital transformation initiatives
  • Implement effective modernization strategies
  • Create new systems that can evolve with your business

Learn how to become a dynamic enterprise and respond quickly to market demands.

About the presenters
David Darby: Why enterprises should embrace the power of low code development solutionsDavid Darby has 20+ years of experience in web architecture and development working with Fortune 500 companies and 15+ years of IT/digital marketing project/product management and leadership. His core competencies lie in leadership, negotiating, strategic thinking, execution, delivering results, and customer management across various industries. Strong in team building, negotiation, and able to motivate a group towards a common consensus. He enjoys infusing technology into business and marketing processes, and driving increased efficiency, tracking and reporting, application self-service, and innovative user experience.

David Soden: Why enterprises should embrace the power of low code development solutionsDavid Soden has 25+ years of experience in both software and digital infrastructure solutions, including hybrid digital cloud infrastructure and software designed to speed up the needs of both Fortune 500 and medium to large-sized companies. He also brings an additional 17 years of software product management and leadership to his role. His chief strengths lie in architecting low-code and traditional software solutions, strategic thinking, execution, delivering results, and leadership across various modern and legacy IT teams. He is passionate about improving operational efficiencies by leveraging modern low-code technologies where applicable, driving increased efficiency, maximizing ROI, and enriching both the internal and external user experience.

Mike Josephson: Why enterprises should embrace the power of low code development solutionsMike Josephson is a developer-turned-architect and low-code evangelist at OutSystems who is passionate about providing creative innovative solutions for his clients. As a Solution Architect, he is responsible for analyzing business challenges and helping to transform the way development is done.