Implementing IoT Sustainability Measures For Better Business Results

Implementing IoT Sustainability Measures For Better Business Results

A $12 trillion reason to start your sustainability journey

According to McKinsey, the smart money is behind ESG, with over 25%, or $12T, of US assets under management being ESG-rated investments. For most companies, their sustainability journey requires some form of digital transformation. Getting off on the right foot is essential for success.

Concentrix Catalyst has partnered with Optio3 and Carbon Lighthouse to provide real-world examples and share ideas on how your business can transition toward sustainability.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why sustainability is economically feasible and even advantageous
  • How IoT monitoring and management can be done quickly and easily
  • How 90 days can define your long-term success in sustainability

Learn how to become a dynamic enterprise and respond quickly to market demands.

About the Author

Shawn Ennis serves as Director of Concentrix Catalyst’s Edge Center of Excellence, covering everything from Private 5G to IoT and Edge-native application solutions. He is an innovative career technologist with over 25 years’ experience developing company strategies, driving bottom-line, and delivering solutions that delight customers. He has grown a software company horizontally and vertically and is the founder of successful technology startups showcasing the ability to develop solutions that change the industry. Shawn is committed to delivering coherent platforms with a wide range of technical domain expertise and business sense.