Healthcare Interoperability Solutions Through FHIR

healthcare interoperability solutions

Join Concentrix thought leaders as we explore how FHIR can deliver a patient-centric model of care.

Many health insurance companies see Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) as an industry standard to be matched. To truly harness the power of healthcare interoperability solutions, organizations must go beyond checking the box on FHIR compliance and explore strategies that can turn healthcare interoperability solutions into a competitive advantage. 

Join healthcare leaders from Concentrix as we share insights on how FHIR can be leveraged to reimagine the consumer experience, enable richer access to consumer health data via a host of secure, self-service apps and digital tools, and deliver the patient-centric model of care that members are increasingly demanding from their health plans. 

Garner a more complete view of consumer engagement by combining online, offline, and healthcare data through next-gen customer journey analytics solutions.

We’ll share these key takeaways:


How to seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources and streams, empowering you to unlock valuable insights and drive informed decision-making


How to ensure data privacy and compliance and position your healthcare data to be secure, harmonized, and accessible 


How to empower seamless integration and connectivity across your healthcare systems with the latest advancements in API technologies 


Healthcare Interoperability Solutions Through FHIR

Jeff Shipley

Vice President, Healthcare Strategic Accounts

Healthcare Interoperability Solutions Through FHIR

Jeff Cram

Senior Vice President, Healthcare

Stephanie Cohen

Senior Principal, Integrated Loyalty Solutions

Ham Pasupuleti

Vice President, Healthcare

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