The Untapped Value of Contact Center Intelligence – Your Key to Transforming CX

Contact center intelligence

The heartbeat of your brand is the contact center experience, where advisors engage with your most passionate customers. Every conversation, and every minute of interaction, delivers more customer feedback for you and your team. This real-time contact center intelligence offers a wealth of customer experience insights.

However, most CX pros only use a small fraction of the customer insights that are available. You need to understand the dramatic changes occurring in the overall contact center experience.

Self-service is often perceived as the leading channel, but advisor-assisted channels—like chat, messaging, and email—are growing in popularity. As you try to achieve real CX transformation, you must expand the ways you listen to this customer feedback.

In this webinar, “The Untapped Value of Contact Centers – Your Key to Transforming CX,” Concentrix presenters, Jackie Potts, VP for Product Management, and Ellie Dubbs, VOC Solutions Consultant, discuss how to leverage this contact center intelligence, including:

  • What customer feedback is available within the contact center experience, including text, transcripts, and notes from advisor-assisted interactions
  • How insights can be leveraged by technology and advanced analytics to optimize CX
  • Key takeaways and clear guidance on how to incorporate real-time insights based on every customer conversation


Don’t miss this opportunity for real CX transformation!