Media Interview: How to Retain Streaming Video Subscribers

Media interview: How to retain streaming video subscribers

As the choice of streaming services increases for consumers, media companies are asking themselves: what else can they do to build stickiness into the subscriber relationship?

I recently spoke with Clay Walton-House, Managing Director of Integrated Loyalty Solutions at Concentrix Catalyst, and Jodi Rausch, Director of Integrated Loyalty Solutions, about loyalty trends and best practices they’re seeing in the streaming services area. They both agree that there’s plenty of room for improvement, especially for legacy companies to build digitally native capabilities, and for implementing personalization with a more human touch.

For media companies offering streaming services, you’re only as good as your last release. Media companies that go above and beyond in providing the best possible experience to their streaming video subscribers will win the SVOD wars.

Watch the video below for more detail on what streaming services should do to increase, and keep, their loyal subscribers.

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Jodi Rausch serves as Director of Integrated Loyalty Solutions at Concentrix Catalyst. She has deep experience developing, transforming and managing differentiated loyalty programs, customer marketing activities and customer experiences driven by data, customer insights and financial rigor. She enjoys building and growing relationships with internal teams, clients and end customers to best understand their needs and exceed expectations.