How Retailers Can Adapt: Concentrix Catalyst and Salesforce at NRF 2021

How retailers can adapt: Catalyst and Salesforce at NRF 2021

Concentrix Catalyst, recently had the opportunity to participate in a virtual panel hosted by Natasha Janic, Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce, at the NRF Big Show conference. In the panel, we discussed the top three ways loyalty drivers have evolved and how retailers can adapt, with particular attention to the digital transformation many retailers had to make in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We also discussed some of the hurdles that retail brands are facing with both growing and nurturing customer loyalty in the face of rapid change.

We’ve been named a preferred partner for Salesforce’s new Loyalty Management platform, so we enjoyed sharing these insights with members of the Salesforce team, and gained valuable perspectives from them as well.

Watch the video of the panel below to learn more about the ongoing evolution faced by retailers.

About the Speaker

Martin Mehalchin is EVP for retail and consumer at Concentrix Catalyst, the experience engineering firm. He has dedicated his career to working with executives and managers to help them define their strategies and then translate those strategies into results. Among the clients Martin has worked with are Nike, Atlantic Records, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Expedia, Victoria’s Secret, Adidas and DuPont. Martin is a Board member and Chair of the Marketing Committee for the North Cascades Institute.