Born Digital: Brand Loyalty for the People

patient loyalty in healthcare

A series on brand loyalty strategies, in partnership with Adobe.

PK is now Concentrix Catalyst, the experience design and engineering team of Concentrix, a leading global solutions company that reimagines everything CX through strategy, talent, and technology.

Brand loyalty is hurting. Due to the pandemic, shifts in how people buy and who they buy from have resulted in 75% of customers switching brand preferences. Many of these customers may be lost for good unless brands revolutionize how they think about customer loyalty and their loyalty programs.

As a Forrester-recognized leader in loyalty, Concentrix Catalyst “optimizes human-centric loyalty strategies with hard-core technical skills,” transforming organizations’ focus on customers. Concentrix Catalyst has helped brands like Vans, NBA, Starbucks, and Disney to create a membership model as an enabler of deeper customer connection, driving loyalty as an outcome.

Watch the video and discover:

  • Why human-centered design should be the starting point of brand loyalty strategies
  • How omnichannel, personalized experiences are expanding customer lifetime value
  • Membership structures that enable customer touchpoints in between transactions

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