The Science of Customer Retention Performance


The Science of Customer Retention Performance

Pinpoint When and Why Your Customers Are at Risk of Churn

When it comes to growing revenue, it’s not all about acquiring new customers. Tapping into your fan base of existing customers is where you can really grow your business, by improving customer retention and driving renewals.

Existing customers are your most valuable asset. They’re familiar with your products and services, and they’re already investing in your brand. If you protect and nurture their investment, they’ll see value and grow with you.

But, many organizations lack a clear process to measure and track their renewal performance, and capitalize on this recurring revenue source. Implementing a standardized process to measure key metrics, extract insights, and leverage the findings strategically is critical for driving renewals and increasing sales productivity. This e-book will show you how.

The Science of Customer Retention Performance

In our e-Book, The Science of Customer Retention Performance, we show you how to analyze renewal performance and pinpoint areas of improvement so you can maximize your on-time renewal rates, including:

  • Renewal management best practices to better understand customer retention and turn insights into actions.
  • Renewal levers to dial into to help you improve your renewal rates, customer success, and, ultimately, your bottom line.
  • Actionable insights from segmenting your renewal accounts.
  • The pros and cons of having a renewals partner vs. keeping it in-house.