Optimizing Wellness in the Trust & Safety Industry


Optimizing Wellness in the Trust & Safety Industry

Project Comprehend: A Concentrix Research Study

There’s no doubt that content moderation work comes with a heavy emotional price for trust and safety (T&S) experts. Every day, they’re constantly exposed to content of all types—images, videos, graphics, motions, gameplay—that can be violent, abusive, racist, pornographic, offensive, and disturbing.

We believe the wellbeing of T&S experts must be prioritized from a psychological and physical perspective. And transitioning from reactive care to proactive support and empathy is imperative to building a comprehensive model of engagement with these employees who are at the frontline of protecting the digital world.

To discover how to optimize wellness in the trust and safety industry, Concentrix conducted a six-month study—Project Comprehend—involving over 400 T&S experts who moderate video and written content.

Using heart rate monitors and a neurotech platform that identifies oxytocin production (alongside operational and demographic data), we measured key outputs of “engagement” and “psychological safety.” This gave us visibility on the high and low points of each individual’s shift, building greater transparency on the lived experience of content moderation work.

Optimizing Wellness in the Trust & Safety Industry

Key Takeaways

In this report, we uncover our research findings and key takeaways on how to:

  • Understand what interventions and programs enhanced individual and group wellbeing.
  • Inform strategies around training, operations, and leadership management.
  • Optimize the levels of support to those who need it.