One-stop shop platforms: are B2B marketplaces coming of age?

Following our last studies “The sun rises – The role and opportunities of B2B marketplaces in a post-Covid world” (2021), “The spring of B2B marketplaces” (2017), “B2B marketplaces are blossoming” (2018), and “The summer of B2B marketplaces” (2020), we once again joined forces with the strategy consulting firm Roland Berger and Mirakl to explore the major trends that have been disrupting the B2B marketplace world. While original key success factors have become market standards, new challenges have arisen such as vendor management, new services and sustainability.

We invite you to download the study “One-stop shop platforms: are B2B platforms coming of age?”, which addresses the following topics in detail:

A. 2018 – 2022: B2B marketplaces’ consolidation phase

  • Global distribution of B2B marketplaces
  • Three accounting models for B2B marketplaces
  • Typology of B2B marketplace players

B. Key issues, challenges and opportunities for B2B marketplaces in 2023

  • Key issues for B2B marketplaces
  • Challenges to be addressed
  • New opportunities in 2023