Future Ways of Working

Future Ways of Working

Trends in Healthcare, Retail, and Technology in a Post-Pandemic Environment 

The 9-to-5 has been replaced with being out-of-pocket. And the open office is starting to look more like telecommuting from the open road. Future ways of working are upending long-held business norms. From CEO to frontline worker, everybody is having to reevaluate how to best manage resources, exhibit resiliency, and engage with others.  

How and where we work are shifting at an accelerated pace, and leaders must anticipate the next wave of change. In this paper on work trends in the healthcare, retail, and technology industries, we look at how high-performing organizations can actively define success.  

Discover future ways of working, including: 

  • Cognitive services leveraging data and AI to enhance productivity.  
  • Comprehensive programs prioritizing the well-being of staff on and off the clock.  
  • The strategic use of gig work to expand existing capabilities.