CX Program Success: Understanding the Real Role of VOC Software

VOC Software

Few organizations think that their voice of the customer (VOC) program is effective. Why? Many VOC programs have been disappointing due to misaligned expectations around what software can do, and unclear requirements around what features are needed. And CX professionals are often overwhelmed in how to define the requirements.

To improve customer experience, you start by understanding the real role of VOC software, and how that leads to success for your overall VOC program. Besides determining the baseline requirements necessary to fully utilize your VOC program, you also need to establish the requirements and priorities of what the VOC software needs to do.

In this e-Book, we explore:

  • The critical dimensions for your VOC program and how to appropriately prioritize them.
  • Other factors to consider besides the VOC software features that you will need to keep your VOC program running smoothly.
  • Areas (including closed loop feedback) where you want your VOC software to primarily benefit.

Download this e-Book to understand the role of VOC software, what it can and cannot do, and how it can integrate into your overall customer experience management.